What is the inflation risk in developed countries?

What will be the trend in commodity prices?

What will be the exact repercussions of
Covid-19 on financial indicators?

and more...

Will there be a second international crisis in the short term?

How will the governments be affected
from Covid-19?

What is next in the oil price wars?


Economy and political and social sciences have never been as such interrelated as they are today that their boundaries overlap and cross and hence they are inseparable more than ever.



Traditional qualitative and/or quantitative methods and solutions are far from meeting the expectations as manual processes are ineffective and prone to fail responding to dynamics of our time frame. Utilizing artificial intelligence and deep learning technologies and their applications to the big data technologies pave the way for assessing political and social risks which previously thought unmeasurable and even beyond that as deriving the economic and industrial insights.




The software gathers, combines and exploits huge amount of structured and unstructured data from the following resources:

All kinds of reputable news media in over 60 languages from across all over the world, of which historical archives stretch back to 1979 and are updated more than 95 times for every day,
Credible data providers,
All the social media content from all the platforms,
Client’s own data in option (depending on specific projects and cases).



Our unique, unprecedented and compact strategic analysis platform offers enhanced end to end client journey. We empower decision-makers and analysts with total solutions tailored to their special needs by providing extensive services in a single comprehensive platform comprised of the following tools and product layers:

✔ Real time relevant information,

✔ Clear, simple, traceable, visual demonstrations of datasets,

✔ Specific accurate predictions pertaining to geopolitical, economic, social and industrial risks,

✔ Country overviews,

✔ Consultancy services by our highly experienced analyst team.

We take the massive data and transform it into valuable asset as deriving meaningful insight.


With our focus on “what is likely to happen” rather than trying to explain “what happened”, NERAI enables its clients to assess political, social and financial risks and its implications with key indicators specific to the industries and markets by providing daily, monthly and yearly predictions with high accuracy.

Our prediction model is also capable of creating latent factors as an early signal of changes in political, social and financial environment and demonstrates the phase transitions clearly in two different ways as representing on both UMAP (Unified Manifold Approximation and Projection) and PCA (Principal Component Analysis). All the predictions are evaluated and reported by our highly skilled analyst teams as per our philosophy to incorporate cutting edge technologies for delivering digital opportunities and domain expertise and field experience.

NERAI offers Insights layer which is very special and invaluable product to deliver predefined prediction models as well as customized models based on the need and demand of the clients. Furthermore, country overview reports and consultancy services can be provided according to scope of the projects to be carried out with the clients.


NERAI’s one-stop data platform gathers most critical and reliable political, social, financial and industrial data customized to specific business and client’s preferences and visualizes it by live dashboards with interactive graphs and charts for enhanced interaction.
Our special platform called as Analytics also includes indexes and key indicators for better understanding of whole panorama in the specific issues.

With the provision of Analytics layer, NERAI enables its’ customers to make deeper research and comparisons so as to have more comprehensive view of strategic developments, markets and trends that means unlocking of value of internal data by enriching context with external data.


Capturing the highly changing dynamics of the business environment is vital to business-critical decision making and thus access to accurate, reliable and relevant real-time information in a single platform with sophisticated communication tools remains very appealing to today’s business world more than ever. NERAI provides such platform providing completely customized steady stream of instantaneous data together with unique filtering capability.

Our real time information model benefits from the most reputable international and regional newsfeeds, data sources and social media content from across the world and presents relevant and important news with real-time alerts specific to the every line of business.

Reflecting our approach to instantaneously deliver critical information and high impact events which matter the most for ultimate responsiveness, NERAI offers the following products respectively segmenting news, social media and the alerts to detect earliest signals and presenting all in a user friendly platforms:


Aiming to offer best end to end solutions tailored to the needs of our clients, NERAI launches specific projects to deliver digital opportunities for more and more effective business-critical decision making process of following organizations:

✔ Financial institutions,
✔ Banks,
✔ Private equity firms
✔ Venture capital firms,
✔ Insurance companies,
✔ Telecommunication sector,
✔ Energy sector,
✔ Governments,
✔ NGOs,
✔ Think-tanks..